Grace is a journey, not an event... So come walk with me...

Grace is a journey, not an event... So come walk with me through this story...

Saturday, November 20, 2010


        Two week ago I was at our site in Newark and got into a conversation with a man named Keith.  Like many conversations that I've had on the street the story unfolded more and more the deeper I went with Keith.  He originally said he needed help with his alcoholism.  As time went on he revealed to me that it was his destructive relationship that caused him to drink (to the point where he said the doctor told him he's starting to develop spots on his liver).  After about an hour of counseling and encouraging him to take a step of faith and walk away from the destructive patterns in his life we prayed.  As I was praying Keith embraced me and began to weep, longing for freedom and healing.
         Just last night as we were setting up for our Friday night outreach Keith showed up.  Although he was visibly upset he had a peace in his voice as he shared with me that he had ended his destructive relationship and that he wanted to get his life back in order.  As we talked over the next half hour Keith told me that although he was hurting, just the ability to talk to me and share his struggles gave him a peace that he was making the right move. I was then able to help him find different places where he could possibly find employment.  After we prayed for continued strength and healingI asked him if he would object to having others pray for him as well, emphatically he agreed.  
        Please pray for Keith that God would open the doors and give him hope, healing, strength, and steady employment in this pivotal transition in his life.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happenings in Newark

Although my primary mission has been fund raising I have been keeping myself busy our team in Newark.  About a month ago Dell (pictured above) and her sister Lisa came to the Relief Bus during our Friday night outreach in hopes of getting into detox/rehab to begin the process of attaining healing from their heroin addictions.  The following Wednesday I was in Newark at 5:45AM (yes it was painful) picking up Lisa to drop her off at detox, while Tony (also pictured above) dropped Dell off at a different detox.  Upon successful completion of detox for the sisters I’m excited to say that both are now in rehab breaking the addiction cycle and working towards hope and healing.
            As I get closer and closer towards reaching my goal it excites me to think that I’ll be helping more like Lisa and Dell find the help they need to begin their restoration, healing, and recovery.  If you or your family hasn’t done so already, I would encourage you to talk and pray about partnering with me.  If you’re interested in meeting with me to discuss this, or if you are interested in volunteering with me for the day to get a feel for what I’ll be doing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


As many may know in recent months God has completely turned my plans upside down.  Had you asked me in mid-August what I would be doing in November, I anticipated that by now I would be to be transitioning up to Vermont to work on a church plant, but the Master had other plans.
       For the past two years I have volunteered and interned with an urban missions organization called New York City Relief. An organization whose function is to serve and connect those on the streets in New York City and New Jersey with the spiritual and physical resources they need.  Throughout my time serving with the ministry I’ve seen lives changed and healed. I’ve become friends with the homeless, prostitutes, HIV victims, unemployed, addicts, alcoholics, angry, lonely, and lost.  For two years now, the passion in my heart to see healing and reconciliation amongst the poor has grown steadily.  A few months ago, while planning my move, I was made aware of a position that had opened up in the organization and was asked to pray about possibly applying.  Almost immediately there was an undeniable tug on my heart.  Over the next few weeks I prayed, thought, and sought out wisdom from mentors.  After much prayer and consideration I decided to apply.  I am excited to announce that I have officially been accepted into the organization and am in transition to join the outreach team.  Like many missionaries, I must first raise my own support before I can begin the work.
        Currently I am putting together a team of ministry partners.  If you and your family are willing I would love to talk and share the vision that God has put on my heart for the poor, as well as some of the financial needs that accompany this position.  I look forward to sharing some of my personal experiences with the ministry and perhaps giving you an opportunity to work with me on the street for a day to gain a better understanding of what we do.  I cannot fully express my excitement just in this post and I look forward sharing more soon.  Below is the link to our website.  I would encourage you to take a look and check out the work I’ll be doing on the streets of NYC.                                            
Grace & Peace…