Grace is a journey, not an event... So come walk with me...

Grace is a journey, not an event... So come walk with me through this story...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Harvest...

"A farmer went out to plant some seeds."
~ Jesus
(Matthew 13:3)

        The interesting thing about the parable of the sower is that he has no control of the seed once it leaves his hand.  Despite knowing a large portion of his labor will prove to be unfruitful, faithfully he goes.  Over the past year this parable has come alive, it has taken a tangible form, and put on flesh.  Day in and day out we go into some of the worst neighborhoods of Manhattan, the Bronx, and Newark sowing seeds of hope, love, and grace.  Some listen, some don't.  In the midst of prostitution, drugs, alcohol, HIV, violence, homelessness, and systemic injustices it often feels as if the ground we sow in is rather barren.  In the midst of this craziness however, only by the grace of the Master, we see miracles.  Sometimes we have to be on the lookout, but they do happen, everyday.  All I can do is hold on and see what God does with the seeds I have the privilege of scattering.
       That being said it is nice to sometimes sit back and see all that God has done through us over the past year.  A few days ago the staff had the opportunity to see our numbers for 2011.  I would love to share these numbers with those of you that support us here so that we may celebrate together!

Units of Food and Drink Served: 339,778
Prayers Offered on the Street:  7,665
People Who Received Clothing:  12, 469
Bibles Distributed:  717
Info Sheets Handed Out (food pantries, clothing pantries, shelters, housing agencies):  2,724
Office Visits (one on one encounters with a staff person to discuss life change):  874
Referrals: 620

This next one excites me the most!

Decisions for Christ: 208

        As we move forward into 2012 I can only hope and pray to see numbers that exceed what we saw in 2011!  If you and your family haven't done so already, please consider partnering with me on my team for 2012.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate contacting me.  And as always please keep us in prayer as we continue walking the journey God has set before us.  Grace and Peace...