Grace is a journey, not an event... So come walk with me...

Grace is a journey, not an event... So come walk with me through this story...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A New Year...

Greetings Friends and Family!
Quite a bit of time has passed since I've updated you all!  It's been a rather busy few months between getting married, moving, the holidays, battling the flu, plus my regular work schedule.  Regardless there is much going on that I'm excited to share with you all!

New Bus:
After a long period of being built from the ground up, plus the customization, we have added a brand new bus to our fleet ready to hit the streets of NYC, Newark, and Paterson!  Unlike any other bus New York City Relief has used before, this bus is equipped to the max with the latest in "relief bus technology!"  Everything from ample lighting for night time outreaches, to an abundance of HVAC systems, to a reverse camera, to awesome graphics,  the bus is well equipped to carry our outreach to the next level!

New Bus

As most of you know I married the best woman in the world a little over a month ago!  Everyday that passes by I realize that this was the best decision I have EVER made!  God has truly brought us together and it is such a joy sharing life with my best friend.  I look forward to seeing what God has in store for our marriage.  Please pray for us as we move forward with our new lives and that God will continue to knit our heart's together.

April and I

New York City Relief:
After being short staffed on our outreach team for almost two years we've recently added three new gentlemen to join us!  Sean Ballentine, Paul  Ballesteros, and Jeff Cook.  Not only do these guys relieve a lot of the pressure on our team's busy work schedules, but these are men truly called by God to come stand with us as we continue to proclaim Christ's love to the poor in the NYC metro area.  I can only imagine how God will work through these new guys, as He has worked through us, in changing lives!




The Street:
It is cold. VERY COLD!  Please pray for all of those that we serve, especially for those who have no home to go to.  Specifically please pray for "Steve."  I've been working with Steve for quite a long time now.  It seems no matter what he does the cards are always stacked against him.  His entire life has been full of rejection from all sides.  That being said he sometimes resorts to substance abuse to battle loneliness and depression.  Despite his extreme trust issues he has learned to open up to me and I've been able to help him process some of his emotional history.  Unfortunately Steve recently lost his job and three weeks ago was evicted from his apartment.  I offered him a spot in a men's home, but due to his fear of being hurt yet again he turned it down.  Please pray that God would soften Steve's heart enough for him to accept our help.  Pray that he would discover God's love for him.  Pray that he would realize God has a plan for him.  And pray that we continue to sow the right seeds into Steve's heart.
Me Cleaning the Soup Cooker

Thank you all for your continued support of my mission.  Please pray that we will see lives changed in 2013 more than we ever have!  And if you haven't done so already come spend a day and serve alongside of me this year!
Grace and Peace to You All...